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MOMD: more than (246075) families (external & internal displacement) have return to their original places.

Targeting 2225 families with 10 billion IDs as a cost: MOMD starts income-generating project for beneficiaries in six governorates

During her meeting with the delegation of ministry of foreign affairs of Germany, her excellency calls on donor countries to work on restoring the infrastructure of the liberated areas

The Minister of Migration and Displaced, Ms. Ivan Faeq Jabro, received, today, Wednesday, the Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa at the German Foreign Ministry, Mr. Christian and his accompanying delegation, at the ministry’s headquarters in the capital, Baghdad, to discuss the nature of the relationship between the two countries and ways to develop and strengthen these relations in the field of migration , especially the file of Iraqi

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Al-Nouri to IOM delegation: The Ministry and IOM are partners in their work towards IDPs and returnees, and the latter praises the effective role of the Ministry towards its people of concern

Today, Sunday, the Deputy Minister, Dr. Karim Al-Nouri, received the agency’s Community Stability Program Officer/ IOM, Mr. Andrew, at the ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad, both discussed displacement issues and return and the role of international organizations and their contribution to support the two files.

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Under her Excellency’s directives, Ministry of Migration and Displaced distributed (67,849) relief rations among returnees and IDPs in the governorates of the country

The ministry staff distributed around (67,849) rations of relief aids during the past few days, among IDPs and returning families in the capital, Baghdad, and most of the country's governorates.

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With great sadness and pain, Ministry of Migration and displaced extends its condolences to its staff on the departure of one of its employees in Basra office (Ali_Karim), whose body was found murdered on Saturday evening, in the district of Al-Zubayr. The ministry expresses its sincere feelings to his family and beloved ones.

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With Eid Al-Adha approaching, Minister of Migration visits IDPs of Al-Jada camp, south of Mosul

Minister of Migration, Mrs. Evan Faeq Jabro, visited IDPs in Al-Jada’a camp in the Qayarah district, south of Mosul, at the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, to present her blessings to them and see the most important problems they face and their necessary needs and provide them with quick solutions.

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On Mandaean New Year,the Minister of Migration congratulates the Sabeans and calls for making it an opportunity to consolidate love and peace

Minister of Migration , Mrs. Evan Faeq Jabro, congratulated the Mandaeans on the occasion of their New Year. Ms. Jabro said, in a tweet to her on Twitter, "I send my sincere congratulations, love and brotherly feelings that grow and flourish on the banks of Tigris and Euphrates, to the Sabean Mandaeans on the occasion of their New Year's Day (Dhawa Raba)".

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Under the guidance of Minister of Migration and Displaced, Ministry of Migration announces the voluntary return of 77 Iraqis from Turkey to their homeland

Ministry of Migration and Diaplaced announces the return of 77 Iraqi citizens from Turkey to their homeland, as part of the ministry's plan to encourage Iraqis in neighboring countries to return voluntarily. The ministry said in a statement, "At the direction of her Excellency, Mrs. Ivan Faeq Jabro, and in coordination with the Iraqi Embassy in Ankara and the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, the Ministry's office in Turkey has returned 77 Iraqi citizens

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On the occasion of the twelfth week of agriculture: Minister of Migration confirms her support to the national product and agricultural sector development.

Her Excellency confirms her support to the national product and agricultural sector development.

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On the fourth anniversary of Mosul liberation.. The Minister of Migration: The epics of the Iraqis were manifested in their war against terrorism on behalf of the whole world

Today, the Minister of Migration and Displaced, Mrs. Evan Faeq Jabro, congratulated our Iraqi people, the security forces of all kinds and formations, and the Popular Mobilization Forces, on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the expulsion of terrorist gangs from Iraqi lands and their victory over them. Her Excellency said on this occasion, "The Ministry of Migration and Displaced presents its most sincere congratulations and blessings to the Iraqi people in general in the fourth anniversary of Mosul liberation, which was taken by terrorist gang

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Headed by her Excellency, The Minister of migration and displaced holds a meeting of IDPs rehabilitation Committee to integrate them with their communities of origin

Today, Wednesday, the Minister of Migration and Displaced, Ms. Evan Faeq Jabro, chaired a meeting of the committee that is supposed to prepare a detailed study on psychological and social rehabilitation of IDPs, formed according to the Cabinet decision No. (60) - 2021, in the presence of the Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, Ms. Irina Voyashkova.

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