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MOMD: more than (246075) families (external & internal displacement) have return to their original places.

Targeting 2225 families with 10 billion IDs as a cost: MOMD starts income-generating project for beneficiaries in six governorates

Minister of MOMD:the ministry confirms refuse the forcibly return to Iraqi refugees in aboard

Dr.Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaaf confirmed that the government policy is clear and fixed regarding file of return asylum seekers from aboard and confirm to importance of courage the voluntary return and refuse the forcibly return from these countries he explained that during his receive to Mr. Jirard Wheet , chairman of IOM mission in Iraq and his accompany delegation in headquarter of ministry today .

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Minister of MOMD airrved to Derbandikan and see the damges of the district after earthquake .

Dr.Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaf attandance by delegation of govermant and Parlimant visit the damge areas in Derbandikan district after earthquake which happened before days where killed 7 persons and hurted more of hundred also damge to the building govermental and houses of citizens.

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Minister of MOMD:( 355,000) displaced since the start of liberated operation of Nineveh and re-return (81,000) of them to their areas liberated

Minister of Displacement and Migration Dr.Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaaf announced that the number of displaced people from both sides of Mosul left and right amounted to 355 thousand people displaced since the start the military campaign to restore the governorate from ISIS in 17 October 2016.

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Minister of MOMD: formation a field work cell as a mini government cell to activate the work of the ministries in Nineveh.

the Minister of Displacement and Migration Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaaf announced about approval of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi on the ministry's proposal which provides for the formation of an operations room belonging to a cell administration

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MoMD distribute relief assistances for families in the liberated areas in the middle of bombing of Daash withmortars

Minister of MoMD, Dr. Jasim Aljaf, met the Australian Ambassador in Iraq, Mr. Kristopher Langman in the ministry on 14 of February and during the meeting they discussed in details the situations of IDPs of Mosel city as well as best ways to relief and shelter them and how to provide them with their needed assistances.

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Minister of MOMD : assigned to Federal Board of Supreme Audit (BSA) to checking all loans of Higher Committee

Minister of Displacement and Migration and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Relief and sheltering displaced families received thursday in his office, Chairman of Federal Board of Supreme Audit (BSA),Dr. Nuri Salah Khalaf, and the presence of the inspector general of MOMD and financial staff in the ministry.

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Minister of Displacement and Migration discusses with Canadian Minister of development situation of IDPs and the role of the international society in carrying out relief

Minister of Displacement and Migration Dr.. Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaaf received Ms. Marie-Claude Bebo Minister of Canada for International Development, and her accompanying delegation at the ministry's headquarters on Wednesday to discuss the role of the Canadian government in its support for humanitarian file to help Iraq in this file is particularly large role in the reception of refugees Iraqis

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Minister of MOMD: ministry teams received more than 19,000 IDPs since the start of liberate operations of Nineveh

Minister of MOMD,Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al-Jaff revealed for a new wave of displacement of the liberated areas under the within Nineveh operations, "noting that" the ministry was received and transport more than 3,000 IDPs from areas of Nineveh to camps in Khazar , Debekh , Zhelkan and Jada'a .

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The Higher Committee for Relief and Shelter IDPs : support education and health file in Salahaladdin and Anbar governorates

The Higher Committee for Relief and Shelter IDPs head by Dr.Jassim Mohammed ,Minister of MOMD during its periodical meeting in ministry headquarter approval to allocate (3 milliard ID) to rehabilitee the schools and health centers in Anbar and (3 milliard ID) for Salahaladdin as well as support and rehabilitee several sections of hospital of Al-Falloja (250 milliard ID) .

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MoMD: Higher Committee for Relief and sheltering displaced people approve on funding Erbil governorate to built additional camps for Nineveh IDPs

Higher Committee for Relief and sheltering displaced people approved during its periodical meeting that was headed by Minister of Migration and Displaced Dr. Jassim Mohammed ,the chairman of the committee , funding Erbil governorate to built 2000 shelter units in tents shape in addition to constructed camps in Mehwar Al Khazer to accommodate largest number of IDPs.

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